Winter in Rome


In Rome and in the entire Italian peninsula, 2017 started with a polar cold air that will get even colder as soon as the “Days of the Blackbird” – considered as the frostiest of winter – get closer.From January 17, Burian – an icy Russian wind – is going to rage once again on Italy, displaying unusual Siberian atmospheres, rich with winter charm, with its thousand legends linked to the icy season.

The most popular tale that comes from cold Russia is certainly the one of Snegurochka, a girl made of snow with an ice heart, daughter of the Spring fairy and of the old Winter, doomed to die, if she ever falls in love. In vain, was she hidden in the village: one day, as she got out, she met Mizgir’, the fiancé of her best friend and when she fell in love with him, she melted, hit by a ray of sun.

These are the lowest temperatures in 32 years.

On January 12, 1985, the thermometer hit -22° in Florence, -10° in Rome, -5° in Naples and -14° in Milan.
But the day the Romans are never going to forget for the extreme cold, it is certainly the day of the snowfall of ’56, famous thanks to the nostalgic song interpreted by Mia Martini at Sanremo Festival

There was always a great sun
And the night was as beautiful as you were
And there was the moon, too, it was much better
More than this

How is it, how is it, how is it
That there was even room for those fairytales
And a glittering glass
Resembled America
And who has ever seen it

And quiet, and quiet, then
The snowfall of ’56
Rome was all pure white
All clean and bright
You say “I do”, have you ever seen it like this
What times were those