Allied in Rome’s Theatres


Wondering what to see in Rome’s theatres during this weekend?

If you are passionate about wonderful settings and marvelous costumes, Allied is most certainly the best movie for you.

The love-spy thriller, is set in an old-fashioned atmosphere and looks like a homage to 1940’s Hollywood, “Casablanca” style. Allied boasts as main characters Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard.

The film is directed by Academy Award winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump, Cast Away and The Walk).

In 1942, an airplane flies over Morocco. From this plane, a French-Canadian intelligence officer Max Vatan parachutes into North Africa and before anyone notices him, he manages to steal a car and to make his way to Casablanca where he meets a French Resistance fighter: Marianne Beausejour. They share a common goal: assassinating the German ambassador. Max and Marianne undertake their tough mission with no hesitation, posing as a married couple and finally falling in love. After completing their task successfully, the two escape to London, so they can get married and build a family, despite of the war.

But past is in ambush and it won’t wait to pay back. A year later, after giving birth to a child, here is the trauma: command alerts Max that Marianne could be a German spy.

The harmony and the bond between the two main characters is self-evident and it is not surprisingly that the two actors have been also object of little chitchats, when the couple Pitt-Jolie broke: together, they sure are a delight to the eye.