5 excellent reasons to choose Hotel Capannelle

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Find out 5 excellent reasons to choose you next stay at Hotel Capannelle:

1. Our Cuisine: reviews of our cuisine are always positive, guests particularly love the succulent dishes of the Italian tradition. Here it is possible to breathe and taste a cultural fusion, guests are also offered the chance to organize and personalize business breakfast or gala dinners. In addition to our menu à la carte, there is also a daily menu with seasonal dishes and particular offers.

2. Excellent price/quality ratio: even though accommodation prices are moderate, we can offer our guests a flawless service and a high standard quality.

3. Location: Our Hotel is located in a Roman district which has an incomparable cultural, artistic heritage, considering the many archeological sites in the surroundings: Villa of the Quintilii, the Claudian and Marcian Aqueducts, the grave of the Orazi and Curiazi , the Salus temple, the Fortuna Muliebris (Female Fortune) temple. For those who love summer concerts, Capannelle Hippodrome has become an ideal destination for the youngest and is only 1 km away from our Hotel. Foo golf lovers, the famous club Roma Acquasanta is only 2 km away. Founded in 1903, this club is considered as the oldest of Italy. The Roman Aqueduct crosses part of the 18 holes course: for players, it is thrilling to hit a driver in such an historical context. There are also the metro stops of line A Cinecittà and Colli Albani, the same line that leads to the historical center of Rome and to the Vatican. Ciampino international airport is only 5 km away. Lastly, it is priceless to bicycle between ancients buildings and natural beauties on parts of the Ancient Appian Way. It is possible to hear ancient carriages rolling on the cobblestone, to feel its very life and heartbeat.

4. Services: On your arrival at Hotel Capannelle, you will find an attentive, discreet staff: always there for everything you might need, during your entire stay. We have many rooms of different dimension, apt to satisfy all of your needs. In addition to our restaurant Marco Polo, there is also the Bar degli Acquedotti for a quick break or an informal meeting. The Hotel also offers a parking garage, a swimming pool, a shuttle bus and a Congress Centre with 10 meeting rooms.

5. Record: The Hotel boasts a particular record, it is the first Hotel in the world who has commissioned a monumental work of art that includes its entire structure. The artist is Andrew Pisacane, a US urban street artist, considered a real master of American street art painting. The work was looked after by 999contemporary already creators of the Tor Marancia Street art paintings on display to the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture.